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Welcome to BigLeap Corporate and Campus Connect Program (KBCCP).

  • This service is for firms already recruiting or planning to recruit in large numbers. If your are already reaching out to a lot of campuses, we can bring operational efficiency and improve brand retention.


Placement officer authenticated data

  • Being the number one platform for hiring freshers in the state for more than 6 years, majority¬† colleges register their students in bulk directly, individual registrations Data authorized by the Placement officer / HOD . User name & passwords issued to students using this data.

Better brand visibility

  • Most innovative platform for Branding your company across campuses.

Personal and direct reach to students of each partnering college

  • Positive or negative responses from students for each Job post can be collected. Each company can post their Placement Presentation, calendar, notification through SMS and mail, Your personalized FAQ section, All this can help you present your company in a better way using a single platform. This can certainly lead to higher application and better prepared candidates.

Follow up and train students till joining

  • Interact with your recruited employees till the time they join and make their decision of joining you easier.

Single platform

  • No excel/word/outlook resulting in loads of time saves.


Before hiring

  • Filters fresher candidates based on location, college, marks %, state etc using the KBCCP platform.
  • Personalized job post can be made.
  • Complied reports / responses from candidates across locations/colleges.
  • SMS and video resume enabled.

@ The time of hiring

    KBCCP platform helps your firm coordinate internally and externally to ensure a smoother process with increased visibility

  • Based on the hiring requirement mass recruitment off campus drives can be organized, our team of professionals will work as an extended team of yours for organizing these events.
  • Shortlist students across stages in campus. From the hundreds initially attending the drives; this platform helps you know how it got filtered to the cream 100 candidates for the Tech / HR rounds of short listing, then later to the final selected 25 with their ranks.
  • Transparent short listing across rounds.
  • Intimation of schedule changes; also SMS alerts.
  • See compiled response from candidates.