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Welcome to BigLeap Corporate and Campus Connect Program (KBCCP).

Increase campus placements

  • We help your students come face-to-face with opportunities. In this platform, we are creating a holistic platform for fresher recruitment and you as institutions will strive to work together with us for building successful careers of these young managers.
  • Considering the large number of colleges across the country, its very difficult for each college to get connected with the companies across sectors and get them visit their campus. The college placement authorities have very limited time to spare and can reach out to very few companies.
  • KBCCP works as your placement cell, helps your college and every student visible through this online platform to the large number of big, medium and small companies.


Online platform

  • Since recruitment companies are located in metros this initiative will help remotest colleges in the state to connect to companies. This is a platform to provide equal opportunities for students across campuses.This helps companies save costs and every company today is looking to shortlist students online. Only those campuses whose students are available online will attract attention of leading companies.Students will have individual login facility.

Attract companies

  • Present your Campus in the best way possible to attract the companies.Snaps of the college infrastructure, NAAC ratings, library etc can be presented through the URL provided for each college.

Better NAAC rating

  • Better NAAC rating for any Campus,this online platform will increase visibility of the college among MNCs.



Bulk SMS and mailer facilities

  • All urgent and important messages from the College Director /Principal / Placement and Training Officer / Company HR can be communicated with students instantaneously

Restrict candidates already placed

  • Those students placed can be restricted from appearing further to maximize placements in your campus. Also, those companies you are not interested in visiting your campus can be restricted.

Online platform

  • Each Campus will have an exclusive URL,Your campus profile will be forwarded in the best way possible to attract the companies.Videos of the college infrastructure,NAAC ratings,library etc. can be presented,once impressed with the college profile companies can even visit the campus or shortlist the candidate for regional drives plan by them at Trivandrum,Cochin or Calicut.



  • Expression of interest to register with KBCCP:Every eligible institution in the state of Kerala will be issued an UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER(UID).
  • Datasheet for colleges will be forwarded.
  • Letter from Principal and Placement Officer, detailing the number of final year students registered and total subscription fee collected along with the complete excel data sheet.
  • Once the subscription amount is realized in the account, KBCCP generates login and password for each student, Placement Officer and Principal.
  • Excel data sheet of login and password of each student will be forwarded through Placement Officer.KBCCP Registration cards will be issued through Placement and Training Officer (PTO).
  • All the registered candidates will be issued,registration cards and 3 passes for attending the same number of recruitment drives.